Spring into SHAPE!

Striped Hoodie: Lululemon, Purple Jacket (underneath) Puma, Yellow Sports Bra: Adidas, Floral Sports Bra: Aerie, Shorts: Champion, Sneakers: Saucony, Foldable Sunnies: American Eagle Outfitters

Jacket: Nike, Sports Bra: Asics, Slim Gym Capri’s: Aerie, Sneakers: Asics, Watch: Puma, Sunnies: Converse

Jacket: ALO, Tank Dress: Nike, Lime Tank (underneath): NUX, Shorts: NUX, Sneakers: Reebok, Sunnies: Rough Justice, Hairband: Sparkly Soul, Skateboard: Roxy

Jacket: The North Face, Tank: ALO, Capris: ALO, Sneakers: New Balance, Headphones:(Available in April) Ihomeaudio.com, Orange Watch: Asics, Blue Watch: Roxy, Sunnies: Guess

LOCATION: Playground, NYC
A BIG THANKS to my fabulous guest photographer: Curt Goodwin 

As you can see, I got a MAJOR workout with this post!! I partnered with SHAPE.com to show off some of my favorite, fabulous fitness outfits! The trend for spring (if you haven’t noticed) is color, color, color and pile on the prints while you’re at it!! It’s important to look cute while you’re workin’ those muscles! This shoot was a blast and I burned some extra calories in the process! Hope I inspired all of you lovelies to get out and play! Work it!

I am giving away a pair of Ihome headphones, hot pink Sauconys and some “Sparkly Soul” headbands!! Just follow the deets below!

1. Leave a comment telling me what product you would like to win!!
2. Follow me on Twitter &  Subscribe to follow my blog (if you haven’t already).
3. “Like” my NYCPretty Facebook page.

Three lucky winners will be chosen at random later tonight! Goodluck Lovelies!



About NYCPretty

I’m a stylist and a surfer living and working in NYC. I dream about; shoes, bags, bracelets and beaches... sand, dresses, sparkles and skateboards...I have been a fashion editor for the past 10 years working on both print and TV. I’ve styled everyone from toddlers to 50-somethings for every magazine under the sun! I love this industry and the go-go-go lifestyle that it entails. I hope my blog puts a smile on your face and sassy style in your step. Check in with me daily to get the latest scoop on all things girly…fashion, fitness, beauty and anything else you want to know….just email me and ask! christine.bibbo@gmail.com Laugh, have fun and be happy!! XO, NYC
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69 Responses to Spring into SHAPE!

  1. Cathryne H. says:

    Like, following, and subscribed

    I NEED those shoes! Those are adorable and I really need new sneakers! <3
    Thank you! xoxo

  2. Olivia Straka says:

    I LOVE LOVE the tennis shoes!! The shoes in all 3 outfits are great, but those hot pink ones are fabulous! xx liv

  3. Jessica M. says:

    I am love with the way you doubled up on sports bras, what a great idea! I need to find somewhere that sells those rockin headbands, I am in love. My favorites though are those hot pink tennis shoes, my pops of color at the gym are usually pink,purple or green they would match so nicely! :)

  4. Amanda lenarski says:

    I love love the shoes and the ihome headphones! They woild look great as I walk around campus!

  5. Erica Reitan says:

    I love to wear lots of color when I work out! It always makes me more motivated! :) awesome photo shoot!

  6. Jessica Erin says:

    I am in love with all of the outfits! I love the way you doubled up on sports bras!!! Its such a great idea! Those tennis shoes are my favorite by far, my pops of colors are usually purple, pink or green those shoes would fit in perfectly! :)

  7. Jessica C. says:

    LOVE those headphones and the sneakers are hot! hope i win this!!! :)

  8. Samantha Alis says:

    I would love to win the adorable pink Saucony shoes to train for my first half marathon in May! Gotta look cute and stylish when running 13.1!!

  9. Cindy G. says:

    Great blog. I love the pink sneakers and was just realizing during my walk last night that need new shoes. The headphones are great too.

  10. Sparkly Soul says:

    Love the photo shoot – you look beautiful and sparkly! Way to sparkle nycpretty :)
    xo Sparkly Soul

  11. AlyV says:

    The Fabulous Pink Saucony’s scream Spring 2012. I must have!

  12. Amy Rudolph says:

    I would be thrilled to win anything but gotta say I do love Saucony!!! They have been good to my feet (and knees and hips!) and are helping me train for mt first half marathon in April. Yippee!!

  13. Bernadette Chan says:

    Choose just one?! I love pink so I’m crazy in love with the shoes! But, I am a huge Sparkly Soul fan too, and you can never have enough! Decisions, decisions….

  14. Audrey Adams says:

    AHHH In love with the Saucony’s! I’ve been in a hot pink vibe & needing new running shoes. They would match my running crops. Loving all the outfits! So colorful! Thanks for the opportunity! <3

  15. Aimee says:

    Do I really have to just pick one thing I want to win? I love them all! The shoes would come in real handy though. :)

  16. Megan says:

    I really need new shoes, so I would want to win those hot pink beauties! But I do love the headband, I need to get me some of those. Cute ppics! Thanks for the giveaway!

  17. Aimee says:

    Following you on Twitter (@TheFitFlamingo)

  18. Chandler says:

    I adore the sparkly headbands and the headphones! Always looking for something to add some sparkle to my workouts!

  19. I love all the outfits. I especially love how you layered jackets, sports bras and shorts. This is something I am going to try with some of my old work out clothes to make them new again!

  20. Sabrina says:

    Hello! I would love to win those headbands!

  21. Nicolle S says:

    I am LOVING the hot pink shoes! They make going to the gym fun! Thanks for this fabulous giveaway. I, of course, follow you on Twitter, FB, and Bloglovin’. :)

  22. I adore the Sauconys. Love the color. Looking at these pictures put a huge smile on my face. So ready for spring and summer! I follow you on Twitter & FB and subscribed to your blog. BTW – I’m also super excited to come across more women surfers :-)

  23. tash says:

    I only wear saucony – they are awesome workout shoes! I would love some new ones or the sparkly headbands :)

  24. Eleanor Erickson says:

    I love all the color, these post are really motivating. I want to lose some weight and your a great motivation; you make workout out fun! Currently what keeps me going is music and I have lots of hair so I love your giveaways today! I’m off to workout now!

  25. jazzy391 says:

    Oh wow! I can’t even tell you how happy your blog makes me. Everytime I read (especially to workout posts) I get super motivated! I would absolutely love to win the shoes, they are awesome :) I love the bright color…not sure if you knew this, but running in bright colors makes you super fast… fact ;)

  26. Sue says:

    Those shoes are adorbs!! I’ve been working out daily to get ready for my vacation in3 weeks

  27. Rebekah price says:

    Love it! Would definitely help me get into shape for Summer!! :)

  28. Alina says:

    I NEEEEEEEED those shoes!!!! They are superr cute and I desperately need new shoes! My current shoes are really awful, which is why I’m currently in the process of going through physical therapy for shin splints :/ Among that I’m trying really hard to get in shape for the 10 mile broadstreet run… but I don’t have good shoes! Plus the vibrant hot pink is definitely an incentive to get out and be active :D ps. love the blog

  29. Sabrina says:

    I subscribed, followed, and liked! Everything’s so awesome but I would love to have the headband the most. I would love to have it to make workouts more fun! :)

  30. I’m definitely loving the saucony’s! I would looove to snag a pair of those babies :)
    I’m already subscribed :) and now following you on twitter/facebook!

  31. Amina says:

    Best shoot yet! loving all the fun colors :)

  32. Brittany Buckley says:

    Love the headband! It livens up the traditional work-out outfit or any outfit! Following you on fb and twitter!

  33. Donna F. says:

    I love all the color, but I would definitely pick the hot pink sneakers! They caught my eye instantly!

  34. Lynn Reimer says:

    Could use all of these! Now that I am getting back into running again, love the shoes they are what I always wear running!

  35. Katie P says:

    I would die to win the Sauconys! You are adorbs btw!

    Oh and I follow..like..subscribe! :D

  36. Adele says:

    I would like to enter for the hot pink Sauconys! It’s a wonderful brand and an amazing color! Nice photo shoot!

  37. Hey girl! I would LOVE to fiercely sport the headphones. They rock! I already like you on facebook, been following for a while!

  38. Miranda says:

    AH love all the sweet workout apparel!!! I love everything but I’d have to pick the pink Sauconys sneakers :D although those headphones are pretty awesome too haha

  39. Olivia Davey says:

    I’m so ready to start working out in shoes like these! So cute! I think looking cute to the gym is the best way to give yourself motivation.

  40. Jen Hopkins says:

    Would love love love to win!!! I have a pair of beat up sauconys now…it would be great to have a fun pink pair :)

  41. Chris says:

    I LUUURRRVE Sparkly Soul headbands. Especially in that color. Want it and need it. Also the purple Nike Shirt dress and the Alo pink capris. Weerk.

  42. Dana Love says:

    Would LOVE the sparkly soul headband!!!! :D

  43. Alice Wang says:

    Whoa ! Another amazing win you’ve got there. I’m exciteeeeed (:

  44. Dana says:

    Would love to win the shoes or one of those super cute headbands!!! :)

  45. nycpretty says:

    And the winners are….Christine @ Love, Life, Surf, Brittany Buckley & fierce forward …Everyone else stay tuned for the next giveaway! Thanks for all the comments! You’re all so motivated!! So fun! KEEP IT UP!

  46. Meghan says:

    Love the purple Sparkly Soul headband!

  47. woo hoo, excited to get them! Thanks NYC Pretty for all of your fierce fashion and fun pics! Ash

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