(Left) SIS, (Middle) MOM, Right (ME)

A BIG shout-out to all the fabulous, amazing, inspiring rockstar moms out there—including mine!! Happy Mother’s Day!! 


About NYCPretty

I’m a stylist and a surfer living and working in NYC. I dream about; shoes, bags, bracelets and beaches... sand, dresses, sparkles and skateboards...I have been a fashion editor for the past 10 years working on both print and TV. I’ve styled everyone from toddlers to 50-somethings for every magazine under the sun! I love this industry and the go-go-go lifestyle that it entails. I hope my blog puts a smile on your face and sassy style in your step. Check in with me daily to get the latest scoop on all things girly…fashion, fitness, beauty and anything else you want to know….just email me and ask! Laugh, have fun and be happy!! XO, NYC
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8 Responses to MOM!!

  1. victoria ford says:

    What a beautiful picture! I’m a friend of your Mom and she is so special and beautiful. I was hoping you would include her in your blog, ( which I enjoy very much, great job!). Thank you.
    Victoria Ford

  2. C Williams says:

    Happy Mother’s day!!! Your mom is gorgeous!!

  3. Jackie says:

    Vicki looks great as always!!

  4. susan noto says:

    You are all gorgeous inside and out! xoxo

  5. tashc1 says:

    triplets!! great pic

  6. Vicki says:

    Thank you Gi, I love you!!! And I love my new Kenneth Cole watch too! xoxox

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